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The Vintagers team

Behind Vintagers is a couple in love… with Vintage (Clothing, Music & Artists, Cars & Bikes, Decoration & Furnitures… Uncomplete list!) and Hi-Tech.

Vintagers would be the sum of both.

Check by yourself the Vintagers Team 😉

Sabrina Founder

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Olivier Founder

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We were tired of seeking the web to be able to find some interesting articles, stuff to buy, artists to discover, events we'd love to go and without loosing some we've seen or liked on the way.

Therefore we decided to create a website dedicated to all Vintage lovers so we could meet, discuss, exchange, sell, buy, read, discover, learn more about vintage and all this EASILY on a single site VINTAGERS which is now open for an exclusive beta to all the person that have signed up, then obviously will open to all Vintagers.

A one stop shop for all Vintage lovers that truly belongs to you!
Vintagers: A "Truly Yours Network"

Truly Yours,
--The Vintagers team