Nooo you can’t order a Royal Chaz in a F***** fast food!

Chaz Royal is also known as a King but not this B.King

Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome Chaz Royal aka “Burlesque King”, hell yeah!

Last week end was a blast, THANK YOU!


  • First step: PACKING!

It took me maybe 2hours to choose what to wear during the week end… & it was late at night.

Maybe a bit too late at night because in the morning we were about to miss our flight…

… I had to pack our baby girl’s stuff ;D

Anyway we finally get in and had a pleasant snack & trip ^^

  • Step 2: RELAX to ENJOY!

Our hotel room was pretty nice & we decided to take some rest before Chaz Royal’s 10YEAR Anniversary Part1.

These faucets were a nightmare! How difficult it was to get the right temperature… boiled or freezing!

7:30pm BUSH HALL, London.

Waiting our guests, 3 awesome <3 Vintagers’ fans <3

Tina, Will & James.

8pm We enter the place.

Chaz Royal and Betty D’Light are here to welcome us: how lovely they are!!

Bush Hall is really beautiful!

… and we try to make our guests feel comfortable ;D

  • Step 3: THE SHOW!

This 1st evening was hosted by Benjamin Louche. Wow he is incredible!

During a birthday party a kid asked him:

‘-What’s sticky and brown?

– Euuuh o_O’

– An Anus!’

Don’t call him for kids’ birthday party anymore ahahah

The time line was freaking EXCELLENT!!

Anna the Hulagan 

Anna HulaganAnna Hulagan

Miss Banbury Cross

Banbury Cross

Lada Redstar

Mr Pustra

Eliza DeLite

Time for a break ;D

Veronique DiVine

BigChief RandomChaos & his ‘victim’ 😀

Heat & Eat ;D

‘Cake Follies’

Thank you for this amazing Part 1!

It was REALLY nice to meet artists after the show!

(& have a drink… another ;P)

We were honored to meet the King of Burlesque and the lovely Betty D’light in London to celebrate his 10YEAR Anniversary.

Part 2 coming next.