Hi there ^^

Time flies!!!

After the first show our 3 guests (Vintager’s fans) went to an after with Chaz Royal himself, the sweet Betty D’Light and few performers 😉

They surely had a great time 😀

The first evening was wonderful and we didn’t know what to expect for Part 2…

DAY 2 in London.


I LoOove this kind of breakfast! Ok It took me more than an hour to eat but I enjoyed it very much héhé

We had an appointment for lunchtime.

Unfortunately we were waiting for our mini cab outside while the driver was waiting for us in the lobby… waste of time: 25min!

But there was a nice carpet inside the cab so… 😉

1hour to reach Covent Garden instead of Monmouth street (5min walking under the rain with a baby when you pay a cab euhm).

He didn’t take credit card but cash (we’ve asked for a cab that takes credit card…).

We were very late and had a quick lunch: pizza ;D

We did a bit of shopping at Rokit Vintage

Unfortunately those dresses were too small for me 🙁

Our little walk in London was pretty nice with Christmas lights on ^^

4pm: On our way to The Savoy

“The hotel became Carte’s most successful venture. Its bands, Savoy Orpheans and the Savoy Havana Band, became famous, and other entertainers (who were also often guests) included George GershwinFrank SinatraLena Horne and Noël Coward. Famous guests have included Edward VIIEnrico CarusoCharlie ChaplinHarry TrumanJudy GarlandBabe RuthLaurence OlivierMarilyn MonroeJohn WayneHumphrey BogartElizabeth TaylorBarbra StreisandThe Beatles and numerous others.” , Wikipedia.


There is nowhere else better than The Savoy for a Tea Break <3

6pm: Back to the hotel… time to get dressed up!

8pm: Ready for the show!

Both nights were saucyyy <3

Part 2: Hosted by BigChief RandomChaos

Here is the amazing line up!

 Cherry Shakewell

Exotic Luna Rosa

Elsie Diamond

Marlene von Steenvag

Dare Astaire from Glitter Banditz

Miss Anne Thropy from France ^^

Hilarious Vivid Angel

Loulou D’vil

The Baron

Who wants to take off a looong nail from his nose? This lady did 😉

‘a sideshow circus performer in the old tradition.’

The Buxotics Grrraou wiiild <3


We had so much fun!

Bush Hall, see you soon…

Thank you to Loulou D’vil & The Baron, brilliant & really kind!

We are even more big fans of you guys <3

Trust us, Chaz Royal is “Burlesque King” for REAL!

What a Royal 10 YEAR anniversary WOW the best is about to come! ;))

Burlesque Royals

New Series coming February 2013 on Loaded TV, Channel 200 on SKY U.K.
Filmed at Chaz Royal’s 10 Year Burlesque Anniversary in London UK Nov 23-24 2012.

Pictures from the lovely Betty D’Light here with Chaz Royal <3

Rendez-vous in May 10-19 2013 for the London Burlesque Festival ;D

SUNDAY 12:30pm

Time to go home… @theairport.


BONUS: Want more pictures ? Go to my gallery 😉